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Who are we?

TeamWerk Rekrutacja is progressive in providing the right solution for customers and taking care of is employees. The two go ‘hand in hand’.

Based in Goleniow (Szczecin) Poland we focus only on the Polish marketplace. We can provide people to work in any area but we focus on working with Production and Logistics operations mainly. We are an open business though and will consider developing a recruitment solution for any area.

Our experience

We have extensive experience of the UK market, with over 10 years experience in providing recruitment solutions to many blue chip customers. Here are a few of our former customers: Tesco, Asda (Walmart), Booker Wholesale, Lawton Yarns, Norbert Dentressangle (XPO) and many more.
We are used to a fast changing workplace environment and changing needs: monthly, weekly, daily and even within the day up to a few hours.

Flexibility is key to us!

We work hard at working with customers to make sure TeamWerk Rekrutacja provides the right service for your business

The Ukrainian Workforce Solution

In Poland the need for foreign workers is very clear and well proven. There are many outside Countries to consider but so far the clear choice is the Ukraine. With over 2 Million Ukrainians currently working In Poland and 10 years experience, a well established infrastructure known to all Ukrainians, confidence and great working relationships it is the best choice. Although, we recognise the need to be continually reviewing this, especially due to the future Schengen Country changes for foreign workers and the possible effect of a much wider choice for Ukrainians.

Onsite Recruitment Partner

Where practical we offer to operate on the customers premises. This keeps us in constant 24 hour direct contact with our team making sure your needs are met and changes can be reacted too instantly. Being onsite we can operate much more efficient and effectively as providing an efficient 24/7 hour support.

Core Business Values

What do we do?

We specialise on recruiting the best candidates for your business. We listen to your needs and assess your requirements. Getting to understand clearly what your business needs in people are and the dynamics required to be successful in your workplace.

We attend all of your operator training so we are fully aware of what is required. Design a recruitment specification for your roles so we can match it to the right candidates for your business.

Ukrainians – we source Ukrainians from a variety of different portals and work with Ukrainian recruiters to guarantee your needs are met. We provide local accommodation to the best standard and travel arrangements.

Most importantly for Ukrainians working in Poland we manage the Right to Stay in Poland for all our employees and their Right to Work in Poland also. So, you can be confident all requirements are met and maintained, complicit with the Polish Authorities requirements.


We review the needs of your business, recommend and agree what is needed to ensure TeamWerk Rekrutacja is meeting and beating your business objectives.

We provide onsite Working Team Leaders to become an integral part of our solution for your business. Ensuring communication is clear and work quality, productivity and accuracy is achieved.

We manage as much or as little as you, the customer require, depending on the scale of the service provided. It’s all about consistency guaranteeing the customers operation true 24/7 support and delivery.

Reacting to Changes in Demand

TeamWerk Rekrutacja understands and fully appreciates the need to react to increases and decreases in your needs: seasonal, monthly, weekly, daily and individual shift requirements.

We offer:

  • Contract Managed Workforce Solutions
  • Workforce Leasing
  • Temporary Workforce Solutions for Peak Trading Periods
  • Temporary to Permanent
  • Added Value Services
  • KPI Driven Arrangements

How are We Different?

We don’t see ourselves as Recruiters placing people for our fee at the end of the month with little or no support – We see ourselves as in the Management of People business. As strong as the Team we build and the infrastructure we build around them, making sure we Deliver 24/7 for our Customers!

We treat our employees as colleagues, we value their feedback and opinion. We listen to our Team and act on what they tell us: about ways to improve the way we work, their accommodation and travel arrangements.

We are seeking long term Business Partners not just new perpetual Customers!

We have a wealth of experience in Operational Line Management and have first hand experience of today’s fast changing workplace.

We communicate with our Team and make sure they can speak to us whenever they want to.

We understand clearly that our Team are our Business! They are our most important asset!

Commercial Awareness

We can offer a wider selection of commercial options to suit your needs than other Recruiters. Not all of our customers want the lowest cost price in business, it’s not always about the lowest entry cost, it’s about the overall cost to your business that really is the most important.
We can develop attendance, quality and productivity related pay and reward schemes as well as go with what happens today. From our background of working with leading supermarkets we appreciate what is required to stay and grow in the marketplace and don’t take things for granted.

We are happy to evaluate your current agency recruitment contract and propose a better solution. We need only an open and honest appraisal of how the current arrangements are performing compared to what you actually need, access to the commercial data would be beneficial but not essential. We can evaluate, measure and prepare other alternatives for discussion and you decide what the next steps are.

Special Offers!

We are happy to provide offers for the following:

New Business with a New Customer - for the transfer of their current Agency workforce to TeamWerk Rekrutacja – 3 months of no profit margin. Special conditions apply: 7 day invoicing payment, 12 month contract and agreed number of positions.

Discounts on invoice for being based ‘onsite ‘ and for sole partner arrangements

Volume of business related invoice rates

Rewards and penalty related schemes

Free Management Consulting services

Recruitment Model

We focus mainly on Ukrainian workforce solutions as our main offer, recruiting mainly direct from Ukraine to Poland. We will always be evaluating other Countries challenging the ongoing effectiveness of a forever changing model.

  • We will source work or personal references.
  • We arrange all travel and accommodation.
  • We will certainly make mistakes but we will aim to minimise the mistakes and act on correcting them as quickly as practically possible.

The Recruitment Process

We work with a number of Ukrainian based recruiters, online recruitment , a diverse range of portals, Ukraine and Poland based advertising and recruiting from within our Team to ensure a flow of candidate availability.
We are developing a number of TeamWerk Rekrutacja office locations throughout the Ukraine to best develop the ‘hands on‘ recruitment, providing full visibility for best results.
We continually develop the ‘Test Battery’ for evaluating candidates suitability for roles with customers. Assessing all aspects to meet our Customers Job Description, physical demands, shift working demands, logistics, accuracy, dexterity, verbal and numerical skills required and above all attitude.

Legal Work and Stay in Poland

This is a challenging aspect to any Ukrainian workforce solution but even though we are quite recent to this market we understand all classifications of ‘Rights to Stay ‘ in Poland and ‘Rights to Work’ in Poland. We have developed a number of important relations with the Labour and Immigration Services that ensure a smooth and professional approach to the Legal requirements is maintained at all times. Making sure we avoid gaps in eligibility effecting trained Team members availability for you.
We have years of experience in Pan European workforce solutions, the relocating and settling in fast of new people to our business.


We can perform a desktop evaluation or business case for your business. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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